Monaghan U3A Walking Festival 2018

U3A Monaghan

Festival HQ – Four Seasons Hotel

All information provided by Monaghan U3A

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Thursday 12th April

Registration is on Thursday 12th April from 9.00am to 10.00 am.

A bus will then take participants to the Bragans where the first of our walks is The Bragan Loop.

The Bragan Loop is a pleasant walk on minor country roads where you get the sense of walking over remote upland bog while remaining on firm footing. The walk is about 8 kilometers, of moderate difficulty and with many notable landmarks and drumlin scenery.

Lunch will be available in the Slieve Beagh hotel, 5 euro, and then we will head out on our second walk, the Tra Walk.

Tra Walk

We will do a slightly curtailed version of this walk, about 6 kilometers on tarred roads.  This walk takes you along blanket bog and allows you to observe the varied flora and fauna of the district. The walk is an easy to moderate walk.

We will then return to the Four Seasons hotel where there is a Festival dinner at 7.30pm.  There will be a guest Speaker. The dinner is open to walkers and non- walkers alike and costs 25 euro.

Friday 13th April

On Friday, registration is again 9-10am and then we set out for our final walk Jenkin’s Lake.

Jenin’s Lake

This is a quiet walk which offers peace and tranquility to the walkers. There are stunning views and mysterious tales of the Cooneen ghost to enjoy! The walk is about 8 kilometers and of moderate difficulty.

Participants are advised to wear suitable clothing and boots.

The fee for the festival is 10 euro per day for Monaghan U3A members, 15 euro for one day for non- members or 25 euro for both days. The festival dinner is 25 euro. Rooms are available in the Four Seasons for Thursday 12th for 69 euro for a single or 79 euro for a double. This includes breakfast.  The Slieve Beagh offers bed and breakfast at 35 euro.

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