Hypothermia – What you need to know.

No hypothermia here
A girl can never have enough flasks!

Some excellent advice here …well I think so …about the facts, causes and treatments for hypothermia.  A must read for any hill walking enthusiast.

What do I need to know?… well as we say here ‘if you learn nothing, learn this’ …hypothermia is not reserved for people trapped on a mountain in the snow with a broken leg.  It can happen after a successful walk and often does, if you’re not prepared for it.  You need to know what to look out for.

Hypothermia can be a slow onset hazard, that typically creeps up on you when you have finished exerting yourself on the mountain and you’re either back at home, on your way there or chatting through the days activities in the pub, coffee shop or by the campfire.

Most hill walkers will recognise the early symptoms described here, I know I do …don’t ask!  

Enough to say that I came across this great explanation of hypothermia recently, with supporting facts and figures which I thought I’d share with you.  It’s titled for ‘Fell Runners’ but never mind that as it can be easily applied to hill walkers.

Click here for the article on hypothermia.

Click here to download their helpful pocket guide.

See you on the mountains, safe and well!


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