Slievemartin – Shore to Summit – Kilbroney

Hiding in the mists of Northern Ireland's beautiful 'border country' lies Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, home to Slievemartin and thee most stunning views of Carlingford Lough you will ever see.  We allowed 3 hours for this 7km walk which included plenty of time for breathers and a relaxing lunch. Part of the splendid ‘Kingdom of Mourne’ … Continue reading Slievemartin – Shore to Summit – Kilbroney

Should mountain bikes be banned from Cave Hill?

Ooooooooooh ...CON-TRO-VER-SIAL. Well, a report commissioned by Belfast City Council has recently recommended a total ban on mountain bikes on Cave Hill but in classic Northern Ireland style when the proposal came before the People and Communities Committee this week, a decision couldn’t be reached.  So again, in classic Northern Ireland style, tensions are mounting … Continue reading Should mountain bikes be banned from Cave Hill?

Divis & Black Mountain

This mountain has an extra special place in my heart. For those that may not know, Belfast was built in a valley.  It's surrounded by beautiful hills with Belfast Lough completing the circle.  Divis & Black Mountain form part of these hills and have been an ever present companion to me.  They were the focus … Continue reading Divis & Black Mountain

Ronan’s Way

OS: D193308 "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams" W B Yeats Nestled in the mystical Glens of Antrim, 'Ronan's Way' proved to be a fabulous day out.  Well, that was my view last Saturday (27 Jan 2018) after a strenuous hike on the red 'upper loop' trail with a group of seven seasoned … Continue reading Ronan’s Way

When did you last score?

My heart breaks for Laura Bassett. Just days ago the 31 year old England defender scored an own goal in the Women’s World Cup semi-final ‘for’ Japan. At the peak of her career to date with the eyes of the world upon her she suffered a momentary lack of judgement resulting in what many believe … Continue reading When did you last score?

Haven’t you heard? We’re all role models

Why is it that every time I attend a conference, open a business journal, read a newspaper or blog about women in the workplace the case studies and key notes are always executive, six figure salary females who have managed to blend family life and career into their unique recipe for success? Where are the … Continue reading Haven’t you heard? We’re all role models

Hints & Tips for Nervous Skiers

My earliest memory is fear. It has dominated my emotional landscape ever since I can remember but after falling in love with skiing nearly 20 years ago I decided that every subsequent winter I would use my mountain time to try and overcome one particular manifestation, Acrophobia — the fear of heights. My experiences, although rooted in … Continue reading Hints & Tips for Nervous Skiers