A little bit about me

Yes, I love the great outdoors.  If I’m not in my garden pottering around then I’m probably up a mountain somewhere with my hill walking pals.

I’ve a fabulous crush on Monty Don (who doesn’t?)  I just love his easy going eco-friendly approach to life, so much so that I bought 25 native ladybirds for my little garden last year which conveniently came in the post and flew immediately into my neighbours.  I’m secretly hoping they’ll fly back with lots of little ladybird friends this summer.  The year before I bought worms which also arrived by post and thankfully stayed a little longer to the huge delight of my rather portly blackbirds.  This year I hope to get a bag of Alpaca manure …hmmm.

For my holidays I’m a PADI Rescue scuba diver, but only on my holidays when I’m overseas and in much warmer climates.   Apparently the underwater view of the Giant’s Causeway in the company of seals is simply magnificent but there’s just something about an Atlantic wind chill from July-to-July that I can’t quite toughen up for.

Which makes me wonder why? if I’m not chewing on a snorkel 30 metres below I can be found back up a mountain in freezing temperatures skiing.  I started to ski to conquer a severe fear of heights over 20 years ago and think I’ve been afraid to stop ever since.  You can read all about it in my blog.

For my day job I work for PwC.