Walking Festivals across Ireland 2018

These walking festivals attract enthusiasts from all over the world.  They are organised by local initiatives around the country so some are just getting on their feet and some are very well established.  Some are one off events and some repeat every year so the information available will vary. I'll update this information as festivals … Continue reading Walking Festivals across Ireland 2018

Night Navigation – Tollymore National Outdoor Centre

It was a dark, wet January day when I took the head staggers and booked myself into the first available Night Navigation Course at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre.  On that particular grey and misty day the weather was absolutely mingin’. I was at work and feeling pretty trapped indoors with a good dose of cabin … Continue reading Night Navigation – Tollymore National Outdoor Centre

Slieve Binnian – Mournes

It’s a fantastic feeling when you finish the day knowing you’ve maximised a unique weather window.  That’s how I felt last Saturday evening as I landed on the sofa, in a heap of splendid contentment, satisfied that I couldn’t have squeezed another stride into the day.  It may be lashing rain at the moment but … Continue reading Slieve Binnian – Mournes

Brand ‘Stretch’ and Brand ‘You’ …no but seriously, who the hell are you?!

What a fortifying experience. I left a recent business conference with a whole new impression of myself, courtesy of the intriguing session on ‘Entrepreneurial Brand Stretch’, a vital component for your business and personal survival. Lead by a stellar cast of industry specialists, the session flexed the traditional view of ‘brand’ and forced me into … Continue reading Brand ‘Stretch’ and Brand ‘You’ …no but seriously, who the hell are you?!

Omagh & Sperrins Walking Festival …and barb wire fences!

It never dawned on me that by the end of that day I would be immortalised on social media, caught on camera sneaking across an angry barbed wire fence using nothing but some courage, pipe insulation and two burly men …but it’s true! The day started out well enough.  The weather was on our side … Continue reading Omagh & Sperrins Walking Festival …and barb wire fences!

Hypothermia – What you need to know.

Some excellent advice here ...well I think so ...about the facts, causes and treatments for hypothermia.  A must read for any hill walking enthusiast. What do I need to know?... well as we say here 'if you learn nothing, learn this' ...hypothermia is not reserved for people trapped on a mountain in the snow with … Continue reading Hypothermia – What you need to know.

Glenaan, Tievebulliagh and a subterranean waterfall

We never did find the rare black Neolithic porcellanite axe heads we were hoping for but then again did we really expect too?  That was just our excuse for an adventure, in search of the Tievebulliagh axe factory.  With maps at the ready we strapped on our courage, ignoring the prominently placed ‘Strictly No Shooting’ … Continue reading Glenaan, Tievebulliagh and a subterranean waterfall

Monaghan U3A Walking Festival 2018

Festival HQ - Four Seasons Hotel All information provided by Monaghan U3A For more 2018 walking festivals click here. Thursday 12th April Registration is on Thursday 12th April from 9.00am to 10.00 am. A bus will then take participants to the Bragans where the first of our walks is The Bragan Loop. The Bragan Loop … Continue reading Monaghan U3A Walking Festival 2018

Lost and found in Donegal

I’ve been here before. The hardest time was a few months before my mother died.  Then, I was travelling alone and desperate for the biting winds of the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ at Malin Head to blow right through me. This time was going to be different. It was the same time of year of course, … Continue reading Lost and found in Donegal